Calling all artists: CTA seeking artwork for Red Line stations

The Chicago Transit Authority announced on Wednesday it is seeking artists to create artwork for four Red Line stations undergoing construction on the North Side.

The transit agency is looking for "dynamic and original" artwork to represent the communities around the Argyle, Lawrence, Berwyn and Bryn Mawr stations.

The request is part of the Red and Purple Modernization Project which is rebuilding century-old infrastructure between Lawrence and Bryn Mawr. The construction is slated to be finished by 2024, when the CTA hopes to have the artwork completed and on display.

"Public art plays an important role CTA by providing a more pleasant experience for our customers and the communities in which we serve," CTA President Dorval R. Carter, Jr. said in a statement. "We are looking forward to hiring artists who will collaborate with local residents and enhance the new, beautiful and fully accessible stations we are building."


The CTA will hold public meetings to weigh community input on art concepts for the four Red Line stations.

Interested applicants are encouraged to submit a written statement of interest, digital images of their work and professional recognition received such as awards and honors.

For more information, visit the CTA website.