Camera catches delivery drivers' priceless reactions to holiday surprise

Sometimes, it's the little things that make you want to break out in dance.

For one delivery driver caught on a Ring security camera, it's a free bag of Ruffles chips from Shannette Battle.

Battle, a Fayetteville resident, has set out a basket of snacks on her home's doorstep for three years now, offering delivery drivers a tasty array of cookies, chips and soda -- alongside a message expressing her appreciation.

"All day long you've been on your feet, so please pick out a much-deserved treat," the sign reads. "A sincere thank you for all that you do, and have a great day from us to you."

With the recent installation of security cameras, this is the first year Battle has caught the drivers' reactions...and boy, are they priceless.

With big smiles, dozens of delivery drivers have read her sign aloud, as they drop off Battle's packages. Some seen dancing with joy, others thoughtfully sorting through the goodies, and almost everyone shouting a "thank you" at the camera as they leave.

"You never know what someone is going through," Battle said. "The slightest little thing could make them happy. And [you should] show somebody that you appreciate what they do."

The Battle family plans to continue the Christmastime tradition, even enhancing it in the coming years with additional snacks and gift cards. Battle said her goal is to get a group of neighbors to commit to the holiday gesture.

"I would hope that all of my neighbors would do it, so that every time they come into this neighborhood they would get a treat from different people," Battle said.