Car crash sends kid flying 100 feet, but he's not injured

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - A Chicago boy survived a nasty car crash that sent him flying 100 feet with hardly a scratch.

Ryan Wheeler, 4, was walking with his mom, Shari, to the bus stop at 67th and Jeffrey on Friday morning, when a car blew the stoplight and caused a chain reaction crash.

"Somehow, I didn't move him quick enough," Shari Wheeler said. "The car missed me, slammed into him, hit his whole left side and knocked him out of my hand. Like a hundred feet away from me."

His mom was sure he was seriously injured. He looked lifeless and did not open his eyes.

"When I got to him he was flat on the ground in the grass and the mud.  And I picked him up and was just Ryan, Ryan, wake up baby. Wake up!" she said.

Paramedics rushed him to Comer Children's Hospital, where doctors determined he had not broken any bones and did not have any internal injuries.

Shari Wheeler said she has been thanking God for the Christmas miracle.

"We've been talking to God all day, nonstop," she said. "All I can do is just thank him, thank him, thank him."