Carjackings the worst on Chicago's West Side, North Side sees spike

Carjackings in Cook County are on pace to be the worst in two decades.

The West Side has the most carjackings, followed by the South Side — and there has been a spike on the North Side.

The Cook County Sheriff's Office is tracking the statistics and some findings even surprised the sheriff, like when the carjackings occurred and who the victims were.

The busiest day for carjackers is Tuesday. Men are often twice as likely to be victims, but suburban women are equally targets in the late morning and early afternoon hours.


The number one car taken is the Toyota Camry, followed by the Jeep Grand Cherokee and Nissan Altima.

More than half the carjacking suspects were juveniles.

Sheriff Tom Dart says the data is helping them track carjackers’ moves. The Carjacking Task Force has been using a helicopter to track carjackers on the ground to prevent dangerous chases to make arrests.