Cat named Pickles loses leg after firecracker was tied to her paw with rubber bands

A cat named Pickles will soon be up for adoption after she lost her leg when someone used rubber bands to tie a firecracker to her paw.

Humane Animal Rescue, an organization based in Pittsburgh, posted a Twitter thread with photos of Pickles undergoing surgery and after the procedure.

The organization said two good Samaritans, named Kenny Skepanski and Kellie, found Pickles over the weekend and brought her in. When she was examined, staff noticed her left front paw had a firecracker wrapped around it with rubber bands, leaving it severely infected and infested with maggots.


Veterinarians determined the injury might have happened around the Fourth of July and ultimately decided to amputate her leg.

“There wasn’t really any paw left. What was still there was barely hanging on by the rubber band,” said Jamie Wilson, director of medical business. “Her bone was exposed and she was severely dehydrated. I had to stop her from eating and drinking too quickly so she wouldn’t get sick.”

The 3-year-old cat underwent surgery, which went smoothly, according to the rescue.

Shepanski said he was relieved he could help Pickles and that she was left “in good hands.”

“I had to help. She was badly hurt, and I couldn’t let any animal suffer like that. I feel so relieved knowing that she is in good hands and that I played a part in saving her life,” he said.

Humane Animal Rescue said Pickles is recovering from her surgery and will be up for adoption soon. If Pickles finds her forever home, there are many other animals on the website that need a loving place to live.

They want to remind people that if they suspect any animal abuse, they should report it.

This story was reported from Los Angeles.