Catalytic converter thieves strike Lemont High School parking lot

There’s been a surge in catalytic converter thefts across the Chicago area, and nationwide.

Students at Lemont High School were talking Wednesday about the brazen robberies all day long. Some students say they’re now a bit fearful to park at the school.

According to details released by the district, an unknown number of people riding inside a silver Infiniti on Tuesday entered Lemont High School’s parking lot and removed catalytic converters from underneath three vehicles. All the victims’ vehicles were Honda’s.

The expensive car part contains precious metals and can be swiped within minutes.


On Wednesday, the school increased campus security.

Parents and staff also received a letter from the superintendent, saying in part: "the safety and welfare of our students and staff are our highest priority."

"Couple of my friends said they saw it through a window. They didn't know what was happening, because it's not an everyday occurrence people stealing car parts," one student said.

Another student added, "Honestly, it was definitely very surprising seeing how low the crime rate here is in Lemont."

District officials say schools in Bolingbrook and Aurora also had car parts stolen in recent days. In fact, the perpetrators in Bolingbrook were believed to be driving an Infinity that matches the same description of the vehicle in Lemont.

The investigation is ongoing.