'Chance the Snapper' doing well in Florida after capture in Chicago in 2019

Do you remember Chance the Snapper?

The famous alligator that lived in Chicago's Humboldt Park Lagoon is still enjoying the limelight.

After Chance was found in the lagoon in 2019, he moved to an alligator farm in Saint Augustine, Florida, where he's on display.


FOX 32 checked in with his caretaker to find out how Chance is doing.

"He's bulking up. he's become a pretty serious little alligator. He's by no means the biggest one they have there but he's probably the most serious one. And he's one of the, I’d say, the only one people come out from a long ways to see. People are still coming from Chicago to see him. It's pretty awesome," said Frank Robb.

If he looks familiar, Robb is the man who caught Chance the Snapper back in 2019.