Chicago airports brace for impact of Hurricane Dorian

Travelers headed to and from the Florida coast tonight are feeling lucky as there have been no cancellations or delays just yet in lieu of Hurricane Dorian.

Because of that, there is relief in at least one reunion at Terminal One.

“That you got out before the big storm? I did yeah, so I’m so happy," said Allison Gonzalez.

Mom and daughter flew in from Ft. Myers, Fla., tonight, and what was expected to be a four-day visit with 9-month-old Ellvie Hope's grandpa is turning into an extended stay.

“She was supposed to return Monday, which is right at the pinnacle of the storm, but I think she’ll wait until Wednesday. Which means you get extra time with the grandbaby? Which is great, yeah," said Eric Jones.

Hurricane Dorian is expected to hit the Florida coast Monday.

“Some of the stores are clearing out of supplies, but most people are staying pretty calm," said Gonzalez.

Victor Kocher knows what Floridians are going through. His Houston home flooded in Hurricane Harvey.

“I had four feet of water and I lived on a hill," said Kocher.

As preparation for what could be a Category 4 hurricane continues, American, United, Delta and Southwest have said they're offering vouchers to passengers who postpone their trip. Those traveling through O'Hare tonight feel like it's the calm before the storm.

"I feel sorry for the people that are in the way of that storm. A Category 4? That’s a bad storm," said Kocher.

The airlines are also waiving fees for those making flight changes to and from the Caribbean through Saturday.