Chicago area hit with first real snow of season

CHICAGO (Fox 32 News) - The region is continuing to move into the grips of winter and that means snow fall. Overnight, we were given our first real taste.

There was excitement from some people looking forward to snow, especially for anyone looking to get out and sled, but those expectations were met with a dose of reality.

Lake effect snow hit part of northwest Indiana. It was the first time, this winter, most of the region has been hit with snow at the same time.

What was forecasted to be a measurable snow, saw a piece of machinery used to clear snow from a road in LaPorte County.

The wind factor kicked in as well, adding to the chilly conditions.
But by late afternoon in Chicago, conditions were in stark contrast. Traffic was open and roads were clear, and in the Jackson Park neighborhood near the 63rd St. beach, grass was even visible through the snow as two city plows carrying loads of salt sat idly by, seemingly with not much to do.

At an Oasis rest stop on the edge of the city, a traveler said he was going from Kentucky to Minnesota and said driving through Illinois was the easy part.