Chicago area man who walked 6 hours a day to and from work gets car fixed

A Chicago area man, who was walking six hours each day to get to and from work, has a car once again.

Braxton Mayes' car broke down a while ago, and since then, the 20-year-old has had to walk three hours each way to get to his job in Batavia.

One day, radio personality Ramblin' Ray Stevens saw him and offered him a ride.

"For some reason, I felt compelled to pick him up, he jumped in after some hesitation," said Stevens. "And your story garnered national media attention. Isn't that crazy?"


"I was struggling to get a job for a good amount of time, and once I finally got a job, I mean, that was my chance, I had to keep it," said Mayes. "So I had to do whatever I had to do."

Friendly Ford of Roselle covered all the costs needed to get Braxton's GMC Yukon working again. 

People also donated more than $10,000 to help him on a GoFundMe.

Braxton is donating that money to Chicago area food banks.