Chicago-based 'Cameo' provides custom shoutout videos from celebrities

If you've ever wanted a personalized video shoutout from your favorite celebrity, well now there's a service for you.

It's an app and website called "Cameo." It's a tech company based in Chicago and their pool of famous faces is growing by the week.

When a greeting card for that special occasion just won't cut it, consider a "Cameo."

The opportunities on the app are endless, for a price. After all, selfies are the new autograph and if it's not on video, did it even happen?

“It started to blow up - like all these people that I follow on Instagram, they're like, oh, I'm on this thing called Cameo,” said Hunter Zank.

Zank got a Cameo made by a band called "Asking Alexandria" for his anniversary with girlfriend Mariah.

“It was basically just like - Happy Anniversary, two years, whatever, and all these nice, kind words and stuff that were put in his own way,” Zank said.

He kept in touch with the band and months later, they helped him coordinate a proposal to Mariah backstage at a Chicago show.

“It was definitely an experience that she's never going to forget, I'm never going to forget,” Zank said.

So how does it work? Each talent names their price. It's written right on their profile. You submit your request for what you want them to say. If they approve, they've got a week to fulfill it and take 75-percent of the cut -- leaving the other 25 percent to cameo to expand their Chicago based staff, which now sits at 17.

“One day we want every Blackhawk, every Bull, every Cub on the platform as well,” said Cameo CEO Steven Galanis.

FOX 32 checked with the staff at cameo who told us as of today, 46,623 cameos have been sent.