Chicago-based organization receives donated fire truck to ship to Ukraine

Chicago-based U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine received a donated fire truck Wednesday at its Schiller Park warehouse. 

The fire truck comes from Muscatine, Iowa and joins four other fire trucks and 10 ambulances that will be shipped to Ukraine next month.

This will bring the total of donated ambulances to 38 and the total number of donated fire engines to six.


"There's nothing that feels better than when you get across that border, and you see the um, you see you know you come up to the border crossing the Ukrainian border guard looks at what you've got, you know and he just says thank you and good luck," said Chris Manson, Founder of U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine.

U.S. Ambulances for Ukraine sent the first shipment of an ambulance full of medical supplies from the United States on this date last year.