Chicago World Central Kitchen volunteer speaks out

In 2022, a group of Chicago chefs volunteered for World Central Kitchen. They worked at a distribution facility in Poland near the Ukrainian border after Russia invaded Ukraine. One of those chefs, Tony Priolo of Piccolo Sogno restaurant, joins us now to talk about his experience.

Moscow terror attack: 4 suspects charged in concert hall mass shooting

Isis has claimed responsibility for the attack at a concert hall in Moscow that left more than 130 people dead and even more injured. Four suspects were detained near the Russia-Ukraine boarder and charged with terrorism. Ukraine's president says his country had nothing to do with the attack, but President Putin says otherwise.

Ukrainian war veterans receive free prosthetics in Minnesota

Over 113 billion dollars in US tax dollars has already been sent to help Ukraine fight off the Russian invasion. But an additional 60 billion dollars in aid to Ukraine is stalled in Congress, and defense officials warn Ukraine is running out of resources. Ukrainian soldiers who have lost limbs in the war against Russia come to Minnesota to get free, high-quality prosthetics. It’s a new chance at life for these soldiers, but many are still concerned about their brothers on the battlefield.

Putin wins Russian presidential election in landslide

President Vladimir Putin is extending his reign over Russia in a landslide election. He ran largely unopposed - so the results are no surprise. Now moving into his fifth term, Putin is declaring his determination to advance deeper into Ukraine and dangling new threats against the West.

Putin: Russia ready to use nukes

Russian President Vladimir Putin renewed his warning on Wednesday that he's prepared to use nuclear weapons if Russia's sovereignty or independence is threatened.

Biden threatens Russian sanctions

President Biden is considering new sanctions on Russia after the death of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The president is also lashing out at Congress for failing to fund Ukraine in its defense against Russia.

$95B foreign aid bill heads to House

After a rare all-nighter the Senate passed a $95 foreign aid bill to assist Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Now it heads to the House where GOP lawmakers are more interested in impeachment.

Russia to escalate war on Ukraine

Russian President Putin vowed to intensify the war on Ukraine with increased drone strikes on New Year's Day after blaming Ukraine for a deadly attack on the border city Belgorod.