Chicago Blackhawks, Joe Freshgoods open store in West Side school to incentivize students

A new school store is launching inside a high school in Chicago's Austin neighborhood, and it's got some star-studded support.

Chicago's own Joe "Freshgoods" Robinson is teaming up with the Chicago Blackhawks Foundation to open the school store at Michele Clark Magnet High School as a way of incentivizing and rewarding students.

They will have the opportunity to earn points for good behavior, good grades and acts of kindness.


Students can redeem those points at the store to receive school supplies, sneakers and special merchandise or experiences.

"I work with every brand you can think of, and this is probably one of my biggest accomplishments," Robinson said. "In my position, I could've got really big and famous and moved to New York or LA. That's what a lot of people are doing in my position. But I wanted to make sure I stayed here, stayed grounded and make sure I helped out the community that I'm from."

This is a really good demonstration of the ways that a sports team and a creative leader like Joe can come together in our home and create something new, exciting for the West Side," said Danny Wirtz, CEO of the Blackhawks.

Michele Clark's principal says the partnership with the Blackhawks and Joe Freshgoods will help students realize the power they have to create opportunities for themselves and their community.