Chicago boy credited with saving mom's life honored for bravery

A seven-year-old Chicago boy is being credited with helping save his mom's life last month.

The head of OEMC and the Chicago Fire Department gave Daniel Armani Johnson (DJ) a certificate for bravery and life-saving action. 

At just 7-years-old, he was able to call 911 as his mother was seizing and needed an ambulance.

"When I heard what he did, I was like oh my God. For a young person to say all the things he said, to keep calm and help his mom, I mean it was quite something," said Annette Nance Holt, Commissioner of the Chicago Fire Department.

The child was able to give the call takers at the 911 center the vital information they needed to send help quickly.

"In this emergency scenario, DJ exhibited maturity well beyond his seven years. Most impressive was the true empathy and concern he had for his mother, he continually reassured her that help was on the way," said the executive director of OEMC, Rich Guidice.

FCO1 Dianne Statts-Mareci was one of the people answering the 911 call. 

"We told him he didn't have to be scared because the police and I were going to stay on the phone with him. But what impressed me the most was how calm he was and how often he continued to console his mom," said Statts-Mareci.

His mom and other family members joined DJ on a tour of both OEMC and Engine 16 on Friday morning, meeting the people who came to the rescue back on May 30.

As for why he was able to do the right thing, DJ put it in pretty simple terms.

"I probably knew my mom was having a seizure," said DJ.

Many of the Chicago first responders credit the boy with saving his mother's life by making the right call.


"I know he doesn't know how huge it is, but his mom is probably here today because of his actions," said Annette Nance Holt.

Besides the tours, DJ was awarded a new bike, and got to have lunch at the fire house!