Chicago business owner giving away free wigs to cancer patients

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) - This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a company that works to help cancer patients feel great again is giving back.

A local business owner has a custom wig company that serves women with cancer who have lost their hair. But when the American Cancer Society told her it couldn't take used-donated wigs, she decided that she would.

And this month, she is ready to get them to the women who need them the most.

Erin Peacock is in the middle of a fight.

"I’m battling stage 4 stomach cancer," she said.

Peacock was diagnosed in January, and started losing her hair after radiation and chemotherapy.

"It was sad. It was coming out little by little," she said.

She found a wig online, but it wasn't a good fit. And then, her mom found "Chrysalis Custom Hair" and it changed her life.

"It was great to come in and be able to try on different wigs and feel very safe in a safe environment because you have no hair, and you're kind of vulnerable,” Peacock said.

Chrysalis owner Kimberly Johnson helped Peacock get custom fitted for that wig at her private appointment.

"Some of these are beautiful.... very pricey wigs," Johnson said.

Now, she wants other women to have the same experience, no matter the cost.

"That was the goal of this giveaway is to make sure that cancer patients who cannot afford a high end wig... can get one," Johnson said.

So this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Chrysalis Custom Hair is giving women with any kind of cancer a wig for free: 40 donated wigs for 40 women.

"Some of them $3,500 dollars. Some in the thousand to $2000, some over $3500 dollars. Some of them have been hand done. Hand painted. European. Lace front hand tied..." Johnson said.

Many of the used wigs had notes attached with a story.

“’This belonged to my wife. I know that she would have wanted it to go somebody else with cancer to someone in need'. Or i've had women call and say, 'I beat it. I don't want to look at this anymore. Can you get this to someone who needs it?'” Johnson said.

So now through October 20th, women with cancer can register on the Chrysalis website. Each person will be matched with the wig they chose by random lottery.

Peacock wants to see other women feel the way she did.

"I just felt like I was me again because you get so much taken from you when you get diagnosed with cancer.... and your whole world is turned upside down. And anything you can do to make it back to the way it was... or get it elevated. It made me feel really good," Peacock said.

You register through the Chrysalis Custom Hair website.

Registration is open to any women with cancer who have a doctor’s prescription for a prosthesis, or a doctor’s note. You will be contacted if you receive a wig and will be scheduled for a fitting on October 27th.