President Biden proposes free community college

"I didn't come from a background that had money saved up for colleges," said Olive-Harvey Community College graduate Jasmine Johnson.

Johnson wanted a higher education, but funds were low.

"If it wasn't free, I would not have gone to college," she said.

Johnson graduated from Olive-Harvey Community College in 2015. While in the two-year program, she studied biology and business.

Now, Johnson works in pharmacy at one of the top hospitals in the state and has her own business.

The best part is that she has zero student loan debt.

City Colleges of Chicago was at the forefront of offering free tuition, first announced in 2014.


"If you get a B average from a Chicago public high school, books tuition is completely free to you. You have two years to complete a two-year degree," said Juan Salgado, Chancellor of City Colleges of Chicago.

Under President Joe Biden's plan, the federal government would pay 75% of tuition replacement and the states would have to match the rest.

"Those folks that tend to have the lowest income in our society that tend to go to community colleges may forego the very thing that will give them upper mobility, because they just can't afford it," said Salgado about Biden’s plan. "This says to them, go and pursue your dreams."