Chicago community fights to save historic Lincoln Park mansion

A signature campaign is underway to try to help save a historic Lincoln Park residential building from the wrecking ball.

"This is an amazing 1870s-era building," said Ward Miller, Executive Director of Preservation Chicago.

The building has stood at 2240 N. Burling for an estimated 150 years, and preservationists say it's a stunning intact example of what would have been constructed around the time of the Great Chicago Fire, after which buildings in many areas of the city were required to be made out of brick.

"It's got all the beautiful qualities, the gingerbread qualities you'd expect from an early building or house from this age," said Miller.

Preservation Chicago is behind a new petition on called "Say NO to Demolition of Historic Three-Flat for a Side Yard," which in the last three days has garnered nearly 1,000 signatures.


"The community and so many people on social media were moved and upset about the possible demolition of this building," said Miller.  "They wanted some type of outlet to be able to express themselves beyond social media."

The building's owner, Thad Wong, said in an emailed statement: 

"I am sensitive to the desire to save old buildings. I live in a 100-year-old home, and I have restored historic properties including the landmark Uptown Broadway Building.  However, this particular structure is not a viable candidate for preservation, and I believe the city's Demolition Delay process, which I fully support, will confirm this. Also, contrary to the information being circulated, no one is being displaced. The occupants - the previous owners - sold the building with the intent to move."

Wong has already applied for demolition, but right now there is a 90-day 'hold' on demolition while the building is assessed by the Chicago Commission on Landmarks.