Chicago crime: 457 cars stolen in a single week, alderwoman weighs in

Car theft in the city reached unprecedented levels last year, and this year, the perpetrators have shown no signs of slowing down.

In just one week, a staggering 65 cars were stolen on average each day.

On Tuesday, a white car was reported stolen from south suburban Riverdale. The following day, approximately 15 miles away, the stolen vehicle was located in Chicago, where the driver collided with a red vehicle in the 6300 block of South Stewart and attempted to flee the scene.

The city continues to grapple with its own car theft crisis.

From January 29 through February 4, a total of 457 cars were stolen, averaging nearly 65 thefts per day citywide. Although slightly down from the same period last year, Alderwoman Jeanette Taylor of the 20th Ward, where the crash occurred, emphasized that mere complaints are insufficient and action must be taken.

"This safety plan isn't just on CPD and the city of Chicago. This is on all of us as neighbors," Taylor said.

The stolen car crash resulted in five people being hospitalized with serious injuries, with one individual in critical condition.

The driver of the stolen car was arrested at the scene, with charges and citations pending against him.

"Parents (need to know) know what your damn kids are doing," Taylor said.

A community meeting is scheduled for Thursday at Sherwood Park, located at 5701 South Shields, from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m., offering an opportunity for community members to provide input on policing efforts.