Chicago DNC 2024: Content creators can apply for credentials

The 2024 Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) is opening a credential request process that would allow content creators to have access to key spaces across the United Center during the four-day convention. 

The DNCC said it will offer credentialed creators logistical support tailored to their needs. This will enable them to cover the convention, interact with surrogates and VIPs, and share the convention experience with their audiences in a way that aligns with their sharing styles. 

"Creators have revolutionized the way Americans consume information and content, and their innovations will continue to play a critical role in how the American people view not only this election cycle, but every election cycle moving forward," said Cayana Mackey-Nance, Democratic National Convention Committee Director of Digital Strategy. "We are leveling the playing field between content creators and traditional media, and ensuring that more Americans than ever before are able to experience and engage with this critical part of our Democratic process."

The DNCC said it will also provide access to convection video clips to both traditional media and content creators.

To learn more about the content creator credential process, visit