Chicago Earth Day: Johnson promotes green initiatives, federal funding for energy efficiency

Monday marked Earth Day, with numerous events held throughout the Chicago area and the country to celebrate and promote sustainability.

Mayor Brandon Johnson was among those examining green initiatives.

Johnson spoke at an event held at the Hartzell Memorial United Methodist Church about how nonprofits and community groups can access federal funds aimed at improving energy efficiency. He highlighted the availability of funds for energy efficiency improvements through the Inflation Reduction Act and outlined plans to utilize those funds to make city operations greener.

Johnson emphasized his desire to not only see more solar panels and other green projects move forward but also for participants in those efforts to be reimbursed by federal funds.

"I want to challenge everyone here, everyone here, including my team, to begin thinking about ways that we can partner together to make sure that these tax incentives actually reach the communities and the folks who want to see a just transition to a cleaner world. But we need the financial resources to do so," Johnson said.

The mayor also mentioned at the event that the city is transitioning its light vehicle fleet to electric and discussed plans to further increase the number of electric vehicles utilized by city workers in the coming years.