Chicago family asking for help in finding missing father last seen leaving party

A Chicago family is searching desperately for their father who disappeared after going to a party on Saturday.

Darris Johnson, 50, was last seen early Sunday morning in Roseland on Chicago’s Far South Side.

“We were checking everywhere. The morgue, the hospitals,” said Johnson’s sister Nicole Shephard.

Shephard says Johnson’s family, including his wife Angela, have left no stone unturned looking for him.

“It’s not like him. He always comes home,” Angela said.

Johnson was last seen leaving a party in the 107th block of South Calumet Avenue. A man who was at the party told FOX 32 that 200 people attended. He wouldn’t go on camera, but says Johnson got in his car -- a 2011 white Mercedes GL 450 -- alone.

But Johnson never made it to his Washington Heights home.

“My house is only 10 or 15 minutes away. How in the world did you end up 10 or 15 minutes from home to 130th? It just doesn’t make sense,” Angela said.

Chicago police detectives say Darris Johnson’s phone was last pinged at the Calumet River near 130th and Indiana Avenue. On the same day he was last seen, someone called 911 saying a white SUV went into the Calumet River.

“The police did confirm there was a call that a car had driven into the river and it was searched by the Marine Unit, but there was no location of a car or body,” Shephard said.

Johnson’s son is only 13-years-old. He couldn’t handle listening to the details of his father’s disappearance and was beyond emotional.

Johnson’s friend Tiffany gave a heartfelt plea.

“He wouldn’t hurt a soul. Please help us and anyone with information. Please contact the authorities,” she said.