Chicago family seeks help finding 65-year-old woman missing for 4 months

The family of a south side woman who disappeared in May is fearing the worst. They are also demanding more answers from police.

The family of Daisy Hayes is calling on the Chicago Police Department to solve the case and calling them out, saying they've had no contact with detectives for months. Chicago police will only confirm Hayes is still missing and they are still investigating.

A group of family and friends gathered Wednesday afternoon outside the Kenneth Campbell Apartments in Woodlawn where 65-year-old Hayes was last seen when a relative dropped her off.

“My auntie Daisy has been missing since May 1st, four months and four days,” said niece Kimberly Williams.

“We all miss her. She is the glue to our family, the life of the party, very vibrant,” said daughter Teresa Smith.

They referred to Wednesday as "Daisy Day" and are asking for help, while Smith fears the worst.

“She was last seen dropped off on May 1 going into this building and never seen coming back out, so if there's any foul play, it happened in this building and everybody is trying to cover up for each other,” Smith said.

Also missing from Hayes apartment was her cell phone, keys and cash. At her apartment complex, cameras can be spotted from the street and family says there are cameras inside on every floor.

“We have asked the Chicago Public Housing Authority for camera footage in the building Daisy resides in and they denied us,” Williams said.

The family is also demanding better communication from police. Smith says things just don't add up.

“She knows everybody throughout this area, she knows everybody. No one has potted her, no one,” Smith said.

The next step for this family is they hope a private investigator and the public will get behind them as they search for Daisy Hayes.