Chicago family shares memories of Muhammad Ali

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Muhammad Ali's Chicago family shared memories of "The Greatest" on Saturday.  It was a nickname he earned in boxing, but it also represents what he did for the city of Chicago.

"Muhammad Ali, as we all know, was a great inspiration.  He carried that experience wherever he went, be it here in Chicago or whether he was in LA," said his brother-in-law Otto Ali, who lives in the city's South Chicago neighborhood.

The heavyweight champion made Chicago his home.  For years, Ali lived in the Kenwood neighborhood.

"I remember times when people would call him on the phone and he was never too busy to answer a call.  He was never too busy if you came to his home that he couldn't answer the door," recalled Otto Ali.

Muhammad Ali was married in the city and raised several children here.  His nephew Hassan Ali remembered how he'd entertain the kids with magic tricks.

"For me, and all my cousins, that's pretty much what he did to play with us.  Outside of training and everything else, he was really family oriented," Hassan Ali said.

His family said that Ali would visit sick children in local hospitals.

"He always showed us to be good people and to be humble.  That's what I take and that's what I'll always remember and keep with me moving forward," added Hassan Ali.

Two of Ali's children still reside in the city.  They traveled to Arizona where he passed Friday night.

A family funeral for Muhammad Ali will be held Thursday in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

On Friday, there will be a public celebration of his life.