Chicago felon sentenced for illegally possessing loaded gun in 2020

A Chicago man previously convicted of multiple felonies has been sentenced to prison for illegally possessing a loaded semiautomatic handgun and resisting officers during a traffic stop in 2020.

The incident occurred in the Englewood neighborhood on March 2, 2020.

According to police, officers pulled over 26-year-old Deonta Carson for having a broken taillight near the intersection of West 71st Street and South Morgan Street.

Carson resisted officers' commands to exit his vehicle, and then struggled with cops when they attempted to remove him.


Police say as Carson was pulled from the vehicle, a gun fell to the ground.

Carson was previously convicted of multiple felonies and not legally allowed to possess a gun, officials said. He was also on parole for a carjacking conviction at the time of the traffic stop.

"It is not acceptable for felons to carry guns under any circumstances," Assistant U.S. Attorney Charles W. Mulaney argued in the government’s sentencing memorandum. "Had the officers not been so experienced or skilled, the struggle could have resulted in much greater harm to themselves or defendant."

Carson pleaded guilty to illegal firearm possession and was sentenced Jan. 19, 2023, to seven years and eleven months in prison.