Chicagoan becomes first Black woman licensee for Jeep clothing line

This Women's History Month, we continue to celebrate women who are creating their own lane.

One Chicago woman's love for Jeep completely changed her life.

Mariama Davis has gone from marketing assistant to a clothing licensee for Jeep. Starting earlier this year, her apparel is now in 15 Jeep dealerships across the country, making her the first Black woman licensee with the brand.

"It's been a love story from the beginning when Davis bought a Jeep Wrangler during the pandemic. She wanted to represent the Jeep brand and the community but had a hard time finding apparel that matched her message and style."

In 2020, her business expanded across the United States with her online store and an Etsy shop. Her brand then gained international attention, leading to notice from Jeep in 2022.

"January 13th at 8:58 a.m., they call me. They actually sent an email and they had taken notice of what I had been doing, you know, the Jeep events and the Etsy sales, and they reached out to me and said that they wanted to have a conversation," said Davis. "For two years, people didn't believe it was going to happen. It was just, ‘Mariama, oh girl, never. And then for it to happen, I'm just hoping. I'm hoping that this inspires so many other people."

The clothing celebrates the different shades of the Black and Brown communities.

To learn more, visit her website