Chicago fishing business reeling in new customers

A Chicago-based sporting goods business is reeling in customers because of the pandemic. They are so popular that even NBA players stuck in the Florida bubble are using their products to catch a break.

Catch Co. is an online company that specializes in fishing gear. It's the ultimate social distancing sport.

In 2012, Founder and CEO Ross Gordon was looking for a "Tackle of the Month Club" but couldn't find it. So, he started a business doing just that, right out of his Evanston garage.

"We're able to pull so many young people into the sport by being relatable, being authentic," Gordon said.

The company's "Mystery Tackle Box" is the most popular item, although they sell many on their website. It's a monthly subscription service that sends a surprise lure right to consumer’s doorstep.

The company's office is located in downtown Chicago.

"Lake Michigan is obviously a massive opportunity for a lot of people to fish. I never realized how many species of fish... I've caught small mouth bass in downtown off the River Walk," Gordon said.

While the pandemic has certainly put a kink in business operations, it has also opened new doors.

"More people are going fishing now than ever before," Gordon said. "It's one of the few things you can do when you're locked up with your family and you need to get some fresh air."

Or if you're locked up with teammates in the Florida bubble. Catch Co. has sent several lures to NBA players who are fishing in Orlando during their downtime.

"It's been cool to see these two sports kind of collide," said Gordon.

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