Chicago group demands protections for undocumented workers

Local workers’ rights organizations are demanding that Homeland Security release its guidelines on labor law enforcement and protections for undocumented workers.

Homeland Security announced in October 2021 that it would approve immigration relief for undocumented workers facing labor disputes, particularly when the employee might fear retaliation due to their immigration status.

At a news conference Thursday morning, several workers' rights organizations came together to address Homeland Security's failure to release guidelines for their own policy.


"We are here today as part of a national week of action, as workers' right organizations, workers, and religious leaders to demand the Department of Homeland Security releases guidelines on their announcement from well over a year ago. To their credit, both the National Labors Relations Board and the Federal Department of Labor released guidelines back in 2021 and 2022 on how their offices would proceed to carry out the intentions of the DHS announcement. But DHS has failed to do the same," said Laura Garza of Rise Chicago.

The news conference was part of a national week of action by worker and immigrant rights organizations across the country.