Chicago Healthy Homes call for proactive inspections

A coalition of medical professionals and housing advocates are raising concerns about the health of Chicago homes.

The group is calling for a rental registration program.

The Healthy Homes Coalition introduced its three-year pilot proposal at Wednesday’s City Council meeting. It is based on similar programs in 25 cities, including Boston and Los Angeles.


The Proactive Rental Initiative would ensure units meet a minimum health and safety standard for tenants and hold landlords more accountable for making timely repairs.

"Poor housing conditions and hazards cause serious health issues, disabilities, poor educational outcome, and job instability, particularly in BIPOC communities where health and housing disparities are at their worse," said Laura Garcia, Chicago Healthy Homes Coalition.

Also introduced at today's City Council meeting was a tax restructuring plan to combat homelessness.

The "Bring Chicago Home" coalition is recommending using real estate transfer taxes on the city's priciest property sales to fund homeless services.

Through restructuring, the group hopes to generate $163 million.