Chicago holds official draft party at Soldier Field

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So much excitement about the Chicago Bears potential coming up this season and now with their first pick, there’s even more reason to be optimistic.

Soldier Field was a great place to watch the draft if you are a Bears fan. Some Bears legends including Dick Butkus and Mike Ditka we're on a special panel analyzing the draft Thusday, which fans also got to see up close.

Fans cheered when the Bears selection was announced. After a disappointing 6-10 season last year, there is now reason for optimism as fans look ahead.

Earlier, fans young and old took advantage of an opportunity they couldn't pass up. To be on the field and do the stuff dreams are made of.

“We played catch and we raced across the endzone. (Did you catch a touchdown?) Yes,” said John Voahos.

They got a chance to kick field goals, run 40 yard dashes and do agility skills just like the players.

“It's fun, it's really run and it's great for our bodies. (Q: and how do you think the Bears are going to do this year?) I hope they win the Super Bowl (do you think they will?) Probably not, but okay,” said Anthony Sinacore.

There were of course lots of opportunities for pictures, and just a chance to take it all in.

“I'm so excited about it, it's a really good experience, it's my first time, so I'm talking it all in, I'm on the field. I love it,” said Jacquie Arboleda.

But the draft is really just a chance to get fans excited about the season ahead, and they are!

“Our defense has stepped up, we done made some good off season trades and whatnot. I'm hopeful. I think we're going to the playoffs this year,” said Charles Loggins.