Chicago is ready for the cold and snow

FOX 32 NEWS - Winter is knocking on Chicago's door and the city said Friday that it's ready.

But in River North, the balmy 70 degree weather people enjoyed Thursday seemed like a distant memory as the chilly temperatures and the wind ushered in the reminder that it is mid-November, and that means winter is ready to take up residence in Chicago once again.

Throughout the city, it's the beginning of bundle-up season.

“Bringing out the winter coat that's for sure, tried to hold out as long as I could, but it's freezing so, even my dog had to get her coat on,” said Jennifer Baldwin, who was out for a walk in the West Loop.

Families with little ones got a harsh reminder after dinner that taking them out is no stroll in the park anymore.

“The kids got their JJ Cole Bundle Me's all set in the stroller, ready to go. One of them doesn't have a coat on but, decided the sleeping bag was enough,” said Nikki Ricks, who was coming home from dinner with her two daughters in a stroller.

City officials made it clear they are ready for the cold and the snow.

The Department of Streets and Sanitation has already stockpiled 374 thousand tons of salt. Compare that to last year when they only used a total of 100-thousand tons and you get an idea of the kind of winter they are anticipating.

“Most weather services are in agreement that we are going to experience approximately 43-50 inches of snow, the normal snowfall for Chicago is 36.1. We are also expecting a colder than normal January and February.

So, again, we're expecting an active winter season. About nine events in December, roughly 14 in January, and we are expecting at least one large event, about 12 inches sometime around Superbowl Sunday,” said Charles Williams, Streets and Sanitation Commissioner.
Chicagoans know winter is just around the corner, but they aren’t really ready for it just yet.

“We just went out to eat and it was a nice evening when we went in there, we come out and it's like twenty degrees cooler. I was completely fine when we went in and then coming home and then we got to get stopped by you and be in the cold for even longer,” said Brandon Crockett.

One other reminder of winter, the city’s parking bans that go into effect December 1st on certain roads. There parking is prohibited between 3:00 and 7:00 A-M regardless of whether there is any snow or not.