Chicago man investigated for diverting UPS mail to his address

A Rogers Park man is under investigation for allegedly arranging to have thousands of pieces of mail diverted from the UPS worldwide headquarters near Atlanta to his garden apartment in Rogers Park.

Dushaun Spruce dodged questions Monday afternoon about whether he tried to pull off a very unusual scam. Spruce faces no charges, but a U.S. postal inspector alleges that someone filed a change of address form last October so that mail sent to the UPS corporate headquarters near Atlanta would go to Spruce's apartment on North Ashland.

Spruces' postman told investigators that there's been so much mail that he had to put it in a tub outside Spruce's door. 

“I been having problems with my mail being delivered for months now, and I actually spoke with the mail person. He always acts like he doesn't know what's going on,” Spruce said.    

According to an affidavit from the postal service, the mail which arrived included letters to the CEO of UPS and also thousands of dollars in business checks.

The postal inspector says surveillance cameras show Spuce depositing $58k into his own bank account. 

UPS told investigators that five corporate credit cards also went to Spruces' address, but they were never used. Spruce told FOX 32 he's a life insurance salesman. He was arrested two years ago on charges of forgery and deceptive practices, but failed to appear in court. He says when investigators showed up at his apartment recently, he let them in, but doesn't know why they were there.

“They kind of gave me a clue but didn't mention,” Spruce said.