Chicago man who died in police custody laid to rest

Funeral services were held Wednesday for a Chicago man who died last week while in police custody.

Relatives of Heriberto Godinez Junior insist he was a healthy individual who was a victim of police brutality.

“From the looks of it, he didn't go and die a peaceful death. He suffered. While dying. While the police killed him,” said sister Janet Godinez.

Janet showed up for her brother's funeral still convinced he died due  to excessive force by Chicago Police.

Heriberto Godinez, 26, was arrested nine days ago on West Pershing. Police say he was a suspect in a burglary.

While in custody, police say he began "sweating heavily with labored breathing," and died.

On Wednesday, the Godinez family shared with FOX 32 News funeral home photos. The family believes the photos show bruises that were likely the result of police brutality.

“And even with the makeup on now, you can still see bruises, they are green and purple, you can still see bruises right through his face,” Janet said.

The Cook County Medical Examiner last week called this a complex case where autopsy results might not be in for six to eight weeks.

At a press conference last week, Jeffrey Granich, the family's attorney, claimed that a reliable source inside the medical examiner's office had told him that Godinez suffered either a broken larynx or a broken neck. Granich also claimed that police dash cam video showed police piling on Godinez after his arrest.

“Mister Godinez was on the ground, he was handcuffed, when several officers got on top of him. Two officers, somewhere near his head and shoulders,” Granich said.

“Why can't they just come out and say they were sitting on him and they had the knee on his neck?” Janet said.

Chicago police say they've got nothing to say about the death beyond the details offered  last week. The case is  being investigated by the Independent Police Review Authority.