Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson reveals upcoming plans for after taking office

It's been two days since Brandon Johnson was elected the next mayor of Chicago

The mayor-elect spoke out about some top-of-mind questions Chicagoans might still have after Tuesday's tight race. 

Johnson addressed if he is beholden to the Chicago Teacher's Union and remarks made by the Fraternal Order of Police president. 

The FOP's president said that many police officers would walk away from the job if Johnson was elected. 

"There are police officers who show up every single day to do their job. What I understand, as someone who showed up every day to do my job as a public school teacher, one of the hardest parts about doing your job serving the city of Chicago, is having to do your job and someone else's job," Johnson said.

Johnson says once he's sworn in, he'll start by looking at the structure of the Chicago Police Department, and he wants to hire mental health professionals to respond to non-violent police calls, freeing up sworn police officers.

Also, two weeks after Johnson takes office is Memorial Day weekend. In the past, it's been among the most violent in the city.

On top of that, the city won't have an official police superintendent yet. The Community Commission for Public Safety and Accountability has until mid-July to hand over the names of three finalists to the new mayor.

Also on the table will be the contract for the CTU. The city’s collective bargaining agreement expires with them next year.


Johnson, a former teacher, had the financial support of the CTU during his campaign and on election night, right before his victory speech, President Stacy Davis Gates opened up for him. 

Some have questioned if the CTU will be running the 5th floor, Johnson says he will negotiate in good faith.

"I'm a parent, and my negotiations are essentially attached to my belief that what I want for my children, I want for every single child in the city of Chicago," Johnson said. "I'm going to be negotiating for a better school district, not a contract."

Johnson will meet with Mayor Lori Lightfoot Thursday at 1:30 p.m. He says he looks forward to gaining insight on her past four years as mayor.

The official transition for Brandon Johnson will be on Monday, May 15 when he's sworn in.