More migrants arrive in Chicago amid shelter evictions, measles outbreak

A new group of migrants from the southern border arrived in Chicago on Wednesday, as officials grappled with both the influx of arrivals and a measles outbreak.

Suitcases and personal belongings were set outside as migrants checked in at the city’s Landing Zone.

In response to the measles outbreak, the city has now mandated that all new arrivals must have the MMR vaccine, a shot that is being administered at the Landing Zone.

Officials stated that migrants who arrive at the Landing Zone without proof of prior vaccination and refuse the vaccine will no longer be placed into shelter.

Meanwhile, shelter evictions continue to loom for those whose 60-day limit is up.

On Wednesday, a group of council members voiced opposition to the mayor's eviction policy, citing confusion over its implementation.

"In the past several days, we have tried to get answers on how eviction decisions are being made, so we can share them with new arrivals who are scared that they will lose the roof over their heads and have to pull their kids out of school," said Ald. Andre Vasquez, 40th Ward.

"The reality is that we have restraints, we just do, we’ve always had them, I’ve said this from the very beginning that this mission is unsustainable, local municipalities are not designed to deal with an international global crisis, particularly as it relates to migrants and asylum seekers," Mayor Brandon Johnson remarked.

City officials reported that a total of four buses were expected in the area from Texas on Wednesday.