Chicago mom finally sees video from son's fatal police-involved shooting

For the first time Monday, a Chicago mother got the chance to view police video of her son's last moments of life before he was fatally shot by an officer.

She’s waited three years to see the video, and the city's top cop watched along with her.

Video that was just released shows Michael Westley, 15, seconds before a Chicago police officer shot and killed him three years ago. His mother has now watched the video, with Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, for the first time. She claims it’s proof that her son was murdered by police.

“From the angle they showed us on camera, he was not armed. he was running fast, his hands was moving like this,” said mother Chantell Brooks.

Brooks believes anyone running that fast in gym shorts could not have also been carrying two handguns in the gym shorts.

“Anybody in their right mind know you can barely hold keys or a phone or anything in gym shorts and run that fast,” Brooks said.

The shooting happened near 66th and Sangamon after officers responded to a report of shots fired. Police said they saw Westley with a weapon before he took off running.

Officers found two weapons at the scene. The Independent Police Review Authority later found the shooting to be justified.

Superintendent Johnson says allowing the family to see the video is part of his "ongoing efforts to rebuild trust and foster transparency with the community." 

Family members and activists say they do believe the superintendent was sincere in meeting with them, but they still want the department of justice to get involved.

“I think it occurred because we been applying pressure. That’s the only reason it occurred. It's because we been out here protesting,” said community activist William Calloway.

The family says Superintendent Johnson gave his condolences, but no opinion regarding the shooting.

“There was sympathy expressed. A little,” Brooks said.

This is the second time in recent weeks the city allowed a family to privately witness video related to a police shooting.

A month ago, the mother of shooting victim Pierre Loury was allowed see video related to that incident.

City attorneys say the Westley video could not be released publicly because he was a juvenile. But FOX 32 received it last week from IPRA using the Freedom of Information Act.