Chicago mom of 22-year-old killed in shooting demands answers on Mother's Day

A Chicago mom is demanding justice after her son was murdered.

She says there are too many questions about what happened and not enough answers.

Right now, witnesses are not helping police. It's been a violent Mother's Day weekend with 18 shot and four killed.

"My baby was just 22-years-old and he was murdered. I just need justice," said Krista Loston.

It's no way for any mother to remember Mother's Day. Loston's oldest son Jamarion Loston was killed earlier this week.

"I would like justice for my grandson," said Inez Loston.


The 22-year-old was gunned down in an alley in the Back of the Yards neighborhood Wednesday evening. Jamarion was found in a car with multiple gunshot wounds to his body.

He later died and CPD says witnesses on scene are not cooperating with their investigation.

"City of Chicago we have to do something, this has to stop. I was born and raised here and moved to Georgia to get that phone call," Loston said.

Jamarion graduated from Morgan Park High School in 2018, attended Iowa State University and wanted to become a pro baseball player. His high school coach is devastated by his loss.

"This young man was a hell of a ballplayer, that's why I try so hard to coach to save all of our young men," said Ernest Radcliffe.

The staff of the University of Chicago Medical Center says they see Chicago’s violence first hand and are calling on city and state leaders to do something about it.

'We feel helpless and nobody is standing up other than the families," said Dr. Abdullah Pratt.

The family of Jamarion are now left with a lot of questions, as they try to figure out who killed him and why.

"I can't believe that this happened to him. He doesn't involve himself in that type of life," said Shalon Loston, Jamarion’s aunt.

Chicago police continue to investigate. You can submit an anonymous tip to