Chicago mother outraged after school workers cut daughter's hair

A Chicago mother is outraged to find her daughter's hair was cut at school.

Now, two school workers on the Northwest Side are on administrative leave.

Noble School Network is investigating the incident.

The teenager involved says she was excited about ROTC and joining the military, but now that dream is shattered.

Sophomore Student IsaMar Padilla says a school employee cut eight inches of her hair Thursday after being ordered to do so by an ROTC Sergeant.

It happened at Speer Academy of the Noble School Network along West Grand Avenue. 

IsaMar says the sergeant told her, "You are not in grooming standard.". 

She was asked to put her hair in a bun before drill, but her hair would not stay put.

Sometime later, IsaMar says a coach used scissors and cut her hair.


The teen's mom says she is appalled, overwhelmed and disgusted.

"[They took] school scissors and just chopped her hair off," said the teen's mom. "I don't even understand. I could not sleep."

In response to the incident, the school released a statement saying, in part:

"Pending this investigation, we decided yesterday evening to place both staff members involved on administrative leave. At Noble, we believe in providing positive and equitable school experiences that are safe, affirming, and grounded in trust."

The teen's mother has filed a police report alleging battery on her daughter. The family is now looking to pursue legal action.