Chicago officer gave differing accounts of fatal shooting

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CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago police reports show an officer gave two different accounts of what happened leading up to his fatal shooting of a bat-wielding college student and the student's neighbor.

Officer Robert Rialmo initially told investigators that 19-year-old Quintonio LeGrier had the bat raised over his head and refused to drop it before Rialmo fired shots Dec. 26. Two days later, Rialmo told investigators LeGrier twice tried to hit him with the bat.

LeGrier and 55-year-old Betty Jones were killed in the shooting.

Basileios Foutris, who represents LeGrier's father, said the differing statements show Rialmo has added details to justify the use of force.

Rialmo's attorney says the reports are summaries of detectives' interviews with Rialmo that might leave out details provided by the officer.

Rialmo hasn't been charged in the deaths.