Chicago Police Cmdr. Glenn Evans' trial ends, verdict on Monday

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CHICAGO (FOX 32 / AP) - The trial for Chicago police commander accused of shoving a gun into a suspect's throat has ended and Cook County Judge Diane Cannon will return a verdict on Monday.

Evans is charged with aggravated battery and official misconduct. He's accused of shoving the barrel of his gun down the throat of Rickey Williams and threatening to kill him in 2013.

Prosecutors said on January 30, 2013, Evans crossed the line from cop to criminal.

"Judge it's not okay to commit a crime in the name of solving one," said prosecutor Amy Watroba.

But the defense attacked Rickey Williams for lying and embellishing his story, and ripped IPRA investigators, including Vincent Jones, for being out to "bag a commander"

"The only evidence on which they had to rely was the evidence obtained by this band of inept, corrupt, and at times comically laughable...and the display that we saw over the past few days is nothing short of disgusting...and it should be condemned," said defense attorney Laura Morask.

But prosecutors pointed to the fact that a lot of Williams DNA was found on Evans gun, even though they suggested Evans tried to wipe it clean.

"It is the smoking gun that we claim it is, Judge. But it's more than that. It's even more than that and they know it. It's a smoking frickin' cannon," said prosecutor Lauren Freeman.

Closing arguments in the three-day trial were Thursday.

The commander was charged after Williams' DNA was found on Evans' gun. But prosecutors acknowledge that Williams failed to identify the alleged assailant in a photo lineup.

FOX 32: Commander are you concerned about the DNA evidence?

Evans declined to comment at he left court, except for one thought.

FOX 32: Commander is there anything you would like the public to know at this point?

"Go Blackhawks," he responded.

The trial occurred amid intense scrutiny of police after the city released a video showing a white officer fatally shoot a black teen.