Chicago Police conduct 'Operation Wake-Up' after spike in violence

Chicago communities are outraged at this year's explosion of violence, so much that city residents met in the street Wednesday night with police and community leaders.

“Operation Wake-Up” is a community intervention, usually requested by police after a spike in violence. On Wednesday night, residents in the West Pullman and Roseland neighborhoods answered the call to action.

At 115th and Stewart on the South Side, a 60-year-old man was shot earlier this week. Before that, a young man was murdered. And two months ago, the daughter of a Cook County Sheriff's deputy was killed.

“It's been a little crazy around here, but that's Chicago, I mean you live here or you die here, one of the two,” said resident Steve Canada, who says his son was shot 9 months ago.

Across the street, Carleen Lewis showed FOX 32 bullet holes in the side of her house.

“You can't let you kids out, I just saw another little baby got shot walking with his mother holding her hand,” said Lewis.

These residents said the violence has increased and so has the police presence. They welcome the “Operation Wake-Up.”

The three-hour rally started with police officers in the street handing out flyers asking residents to come back at 7 p.m. when community leaders and the District 5 commander Kevin Johnson spoke to the crowd.

“You have the choice and the power to make a change in this community,” said Commander Johnson. “Help us help you - that's all we want."