Chicago police oversight agency investigating after video shows off-duty cop pinning suburban teen

An off-duty Chicago police officer is currently under investigation by the Chicago Police Department, the Civilian Office of Police Accountability and the Park Ridge Police Department after a video of him pinning a teen surfaced on social media.  

The incident happened on July 1 outside a Park Ridge Starbucks.  

The teen’s parents have obtained an attorney.  

TMZ spoke with the 14-year-old’s parents who say a man claiming to be an off-duty CPD officer held the boy down after accusing him of stealing his son’s bike.  

The boy’s parents say he spotted a bike on the sidewalk outside the coffee shop and attempted to move it when he was grabbed by the officer.  

The teen had his own bike nearby.  In the video, the boy’s friends come to his defense telling the plain clothes officer "get your hands off him" several times.  

The friends are eventually able to free the boy, who is visibly shaken.  


Through their attorney, the teen’s parents said they believe their son was targeted because of his race.  

He is of Puerto Rican descent.  The other teens in the video are white.  

The teen’s parents said they want accountability for the officer and justice for their son.