Chicago police release new video in fatal shooting of Harith Augustus

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Dramatic new video was released Thursday showing the deadly confrontation between Chicago police and a south side barber.

The video was released by the Civilian Board of Accountability (COPA) after a judge’s order. It shows more of what happened, but still leaves some unanswered questions.

An officer can barely get the words out after shooting and killing Harith Augustus on July 14th in the South Shore neighborhood. The newly released video by the police watchdog group COPA shows the shooting from different angles. This one shows officers hitting the ground after Augustus reaches for his waist.

As Augustus lay lifeless in the streets, officers stand around him with their guns drawn. Another officer searches Augustus. At this point, the audio comes on where officers confirm Augustus was armed.

The video still doesn't explain what led to the shooting.

New surveillance footage shows Augustus walk by police with other officers following him. They approach him with hands on their holsters. Another angle of the shooting is a longer version of what police already released, showing a closer view of Augustus apparently reaching for a gun.

Camera's also catch people walking up to the scene and yelling at the officers after the shooting.

COPA insists they were planning to release the video today and that the judge’s order did not factor into that decision. They say they wanted to show it to the family first.