Chicago police say violent crime on CTA is decreasing but warn passengers to stay alert

Ahead of the busy holiday shopping season, Chicago police are making their presence known on public transportation.

They are encouraging riders to keep their backpacks and shopping bags closed and secure, and if they see something suspicious to call 911.

On Tuesday, officers in the public transportation section gathered at the Clark/Lake elevated CTA station for a public roll call to highlight their partnership with the CTA.

Department heads say violent crime has decreased for three consecutive months, as more officers, K9 units, and security guards have been deployed at train and bus stations.


Officials say passengers are another important tool in combating crime.

"When a call goes into the 911 center, the security team … will move the cameras to that location. We have the opportunity to provide officers with real time information. We can provide information of the offender or anything else that is important to that call," said Joe Bird, Commander of Public Transportation for CPD.

In addition to officers, the CTA is using an intricate camera system and K9s to deter criminal activity.