Chicago police propose security measures ahead of Democratic National Convention

Chicagoans living near McCormick Place or the United Center may encounter increased security measures this summer, with the Chicago Police Department proposing restrictions ahead of the Democratic National Convention.

Chicago police presented security strategies to a City Council committee on Friday, drawing from their experiences during previous large-scale events like the NATO Summit of 2012. They aim to establish security zones extending two blocks around the United Center and McCormick Place, which would include bans on drones and pointed objects such as selfie sticks, along with limitations on bags and even dogs.

Residents like Jaqueline Wah, who lives near McCormick Place, anticipate potential inconveniences.

"It's like, I can't even step out to walk my dog, but I try not to worry, whatever comes, comes. Things also may change," Wah said.

Security officials indicated they have engaged with area residents and business owners to address concerns. Deputy Chief Duane Devries of the Chicago Police Department emphasized that while the NATO Summit was considered a success, each event presents new learning opportunities, with law enforcement striving to strike a balance between safety and the public’s right to free speech.

Pending approval by the City Council, the proposed restrictions would be implemented several days before and after the convention.