Chicago residents complain of 'ghost' trains, buses never showing up

Members of the Chicago City Council are calling on the CTA to meet them at the table to discuss complaints from residents over "ghost" trains and buses.

Alderman Carlos Ramirez of the 35th Ward has created a resolution after receiving mounting complaints from residents not happy with the city transit system.

Residents say their CTA tracker shows a bus or train is arriving, only for them to never show up, resulting in long wait times for commuters.


Thirty-four members of the City Council signed on to have a transportation committee hearing with the CTA.

The CTA has acknowledged they are running fewer trains and buses because of a sharp decline in ridership and fewer employees able to work. The CTA says as a result, it may occasionally lead to longer wait times for buses and trains.

"You'll be told that the bus or train will arrive in five minutes, 10 minutes, and then it just never arrives. You're waiting 40 minutes, 45 minutes, an hour — and so residents are concerned about the fact that it's been taking so long in order to get the basic services that they need," said Alderman Ramirez.

FOX 32 asked the CTA to explain why their bus and train tracker isn't showing accurate times, but we haven't yet received a direct answer.