Chicago restoration project connects Powderhorn Lake to Lake Michigan, boosts Southeast Side revitalization

A three-year restoration project celebrated its completion Monday morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, marking a significant achievement for conservationists.

The project, spanning 100 acres, successfully reconnected Powderhorn Lake in Burnham to Wolf Lake, which stretches across Illinois and northwest Indiana, and subsequently to Lake Michigan.

Officials hailed this achievement as a significant step towards revitalizing the Southeast Side of Chicago, an area that has long been overlooked in terms of investment and attention.

"For many decades, the Southeast Side has not received enough attention or investment. The Calumet Region is rich in cultural and natural resources with potential for even more," said Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board President.

The restoration project not only provides residents with more green space but also enhances flood management in the area. Additionally, it plays a crucial role in restoring critical ecosystems, benefiting native birds, fish, and other wildlife.