Chicago Teachers Union calls for more resources to help migrant children

Beginning last November, close to 3,700 migrants were bused to Chicago. Among them were 425 school-aged children.

The Chicago Teachers Union now says charter schools need to provide more staffing and resources for those kids.

They claim the people who run the charter schools have not accepted CTU's proposal for sanctuary schools.

On Wednesday morning, the Chicago Teachers Union, educators and community leaders held a press conference laying out their demands.

"As educators, we're fighting for safe, supportive, sustainable schools. That means that we have the staffing that we need to provide good education for our students, that we have healthy and safe places for them and our members, and it means that we're able to retain educators long-term," a representative for the CTU said at a news conference. 


We have reached out to Chicago Charter Schools for their response to the CTU's claims.