Chicago violence spikes as temps climb into the 90s

One of the first warm weekends of the year was a violent one with at least six people killed and dozens of others wounded in shootings across the city.

The victims ranged in age from 15 to 29.  Some were drive by shootings and others were at close range.

One incident has become the second bloodiest of the year.  Eight people were shot in one location in the Lawndale neighborhood around 3am.

But amid the weekend violence, some beautiful music allowing for time to reflect.

"Having this concert means a lot for a lot of young people," said Mary Ann Watson.

Mary Ann Watson was among a packed house at St. Sabina's parish Sunday listening to world renowned cellist Yo-Yo Ma.  His Concert For Peace raised $70,000 for young men, many with felony records, to find jobs.

"Given respect and given doors that would open, we said that we can show that these young men can become contributing members of society," said Father Michael Pfleger.

The Concert for Peace put together after Ma asked to meet with Pfleger one day.

"And he said I've been touched by it and he said I want to help," said Pfleger.

"And let's hope that every single person here can give of themselves and from substance from what they have to solve problems that nobody else can solve," said Ma.

Watson is leaving here with a sense of peace and that's a blessing. It has been 13 years since her son Matthew was shot to death on the streets of Chicago.

"The church provides safe havens for all who needs it," said Watson.

So far the program at St. Sabina's has helped 50 men find jobs and plans to use this money to help another 50 do the same.