Chicago woman graduates from Rush University at 71

Rush University is celebrated its graduates Thursday.

Among them was the school's oldest to ever graduate with a doctorate in nursing.

Ingrid Forsberg walked among her fellow graduates at Rush University's commencement.

"Is this really happening? And of course at my age, you'd say, don't trip,” Forsberg said while laughing. “I'm 71, I'm going to be 72 in a couple of months."

That makes Forsberg the oldest to graduate with a Doctorate of Nursing practice from Rush University. She been a nurse practioner for more than 50 years, and has a history with Rush University Medical Center. She graduated from there back when it was Presbyterian-St. Luke's in 1965.

A question she gets often is why even go back to school after so much time?

"It was really an inspiration. I just one day was sitting in the office and I thought, you know, Ingrid, go back to school. Learn something new,” Forsberg said.

And she did.

Although many things have changed since she went to school the first time around, she was surprised by one thing.

“The students who were much younger I am, were very including with me,” said Forsberg.

Forsberg said you should never let age stop you from pursuing your inspiration.

"Go for it. And they'll be amazed at all the people who are willing to support them,” she added.

Forsberg plans on continuing to work Full time at Rush while working part time at a walk in clinic.

At 71 years young, she has no plans of retiring because she's pursuing her passion.

Although Forsberg is the oldest to graduate with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice, there is another woman who is technically the oldest. That woman was 74 when she graduated from Rush University.